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業界最安値!成功報酬型求人サイト 業界最安値!成功報酬型求人サイト

high in demand

  • IT engineer

  • English Instructor


what's Fujiyama Job'what's Fujiyama Job'

We are a platform to help support foreign talents
We are a platform to help support foreign talents who want to work or transfer jobs in Japan.

More and more foreigners are entering the Japanese job market as a way to help offset the chronic labor shortage.
FUJIYAMA JOBS was launched with the concerns and experiences of companies that hire foreigners in mind.
We will continue working hard to bring you excellent service in a timely manner.

Why foreign talent
is needed

  • Globalization

    Global talents who are familiar with the language and culture of other countries are needed for companies expanding overseas and also to help foreign visitors in Japan. English education in Japan is currently going through many changes, and the number of online English conversation classes is increasing. These changes are heightening the need for English.

  • Young promising candidates

    Due to the low birth rate, the number of people able to work is on the decline, which is why the demand for skilled workers is so high now. There are many hard-working, flexible, and skilled foreign workers who want to work in Japan.

  • Skilled workers

    Due to recent developments in technology, the demand for engineers is high. However, the current domestic situation when it comes to hiring engineers is not so promising. Foreigners with engineering skills can help remedy this problem.

Why choose

  • IT engineers and English teachers

    We specialize in helping organizations find IT engineers and English teachers.
    It's quite difficult to find people to fill these types of positions in the current market.
    FUJIYAMA JOBS can help you succesfully find highly skilled global talents in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Best value

    We only charge a fee when the position is successfully filled, so there is no risk involved.
    On top of that, our prices are the most affordable in the industry.
    The reason for this is that we don't rely on coordinators to act as liasons between the applicants and companies which helps save costs.

  • Improve efficiency with our interview recording function

    Problems when hiring people abroad often occur due to time differences and scheduling problems between job seekers and recruiters. These types of problems can be avoided with FUJIYAMA JOBS' interview recording function. There is no need to download any apps. Applicants can use the function directly on a computer or smartphone's browser.

  • Other useful tools

    You can use all the tools that help improve the efficiency of recruiting work for free, from creating job posts to hiring the candidate. These tools allow you create job offers, manage applicants' information, evaluate interviews, and manage the applicant's progress in the hiring process.


We offer services to companies who are interested in hiring foreigners but are not sure how to go about it. These services include how to apply for and renew visas, and also how to support the applicant in order to acclimate to their new workplace.

Performance-based job postingPer-hiree

Full-time/contract worker*1
15% of estimated
annual income
(At least 300,000 Yen guaranteed)
Part-time worker*2
50,000 Yen

*1 No fees if applicant resigns early
In the case that the hired employee quits within 30 days of starting, no fees will be charged.
*2 The 30 day period starts on the hiree's first day of work.

No upfront fees

Monthly usage fee
10,000 Yen
First 6 months
0 Yen


  • "I saved a lot of time."

    Job type: English InstructorEven with a large number of applications, many turn out not to be so truthful when it comes to language and conversation skills, and sifting through all of them is time consuming. It's also difficult to make adjustments my schedule to do interviews, but with the recording interview function, selecting candidates became much easier. Most companies charge a fee for using interview recording, so it was nice to use this type of service for free.
    Recruiter at an English school

  • "We were able to hire a top-quality engineer."

    Job type: Front-End EngineerI was looking for exerienced engineers, but just wasn't able to find any.
    I noticed that the foreign engineers at our partner company do really good work, and from that point forward, I decided to put more energy into hiring foreign applicants.
    This experienced reminded me that there are many high-skilled and hard working foreigners in Japan.Recruiter at a web design company


Q.We are a recruiting company. Is it ok to make a listing?
Q.Which type of jobs are ok to post?
A.Currently, we deal mainly with IT system engineers and english teachers, but other types of jobs are ok.
Q.I don't have any knowledge about visas. Do you offer support in that area?
A.Yes, we can advise you from start to finish for an extra fee.
Q.Is training including as part of the hiree's working period?
A.Yes, it is included.
Q.What should I do if I want to remove or change a job posting?
A.Please make the necessary changes on the employers page.

Hiring process

  1. step01 アイコン

    Make an account

    After applying, FUJIYAMA JOBS will screen your application to finalize your account.
    You'll receive an e-mail with a URL to log into the employers page. We recommened registering
    your company information first. Please know that based on our initial screening your account may not be approved. We appreciate your understanding.

  2. step02 アイコン

    Post your job

    Post information about your job offers from the employers page.
    Questions for interview recording can also be set up there.

  3. step03 アイコン

    Select a candidate

    You'll receive an e-mail notice when someone applies for the position.
    Check out the applicant's profile and interview recording to help make selecting easier.
    You can contact applicants directly through our messaging function to ask and answer questions as well as set up a date to interview.

  4. step04 アイコン


    Please contact FUJIYAMA JOBS upon hiring a candidate.
    No hiring fees will be charged until the candidate has worked 1 month.

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