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Privacy Policy

Neos Corporation recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and makes every effort to take the utmost care in handling such information. We exert maximum effort towards the appropriate management usage of each customer’s personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy as set forth herein.

  1. Purpose of using personal information
    1. 1)Securing protection of personal information and helping our customers have a continuous sense of security.
    2. 2)Securing the protection of personal information and helping our employees have a continuous sense of security.
  2. Handling of personal information

    Upon handling customer information related to our business operations and content services through the internet, and handling personal information including specific personal information received in employment and related procedures, we will properly acquire and use personal information only within the scope of the purpose of use of the personal information, and further take necessary measures to assure it. If personal information is to be provided or outsourced, Neos will obtain the consent from the relevant individual in advance.

  3. Security measures to protect personal information

    To ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, we strive to protect personal information by implementing appropriate and reasonable security measures to counter the risk of illegal access, loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage of information. If any areas are identified as requiring improvement from the result of an internal audit, as per actual cases of security incidents in the market, and when requests have been made by our customers or employees, we will take necessary measures in reasonable timeframe and scope.

  4. Compliance with the laws

    When handling personal information, we will strictly comply with the Act on Protection of Personal Information, the Act on the Use of Numbers to identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures, and other regulations and rules stipulated by the Japanese government, to securely protect personal information.

  5. Continuous improvement of management systems

    We strive to make continuous improvements in our management system for the safeguarding of personal information and apply them consistently. Furthermore, we will upkeep and continually improve this process.

  6. Respecting the rights of customers and employees

    We respect the rights of our customers and employees, and when receiving the following request(s) from a customer or employee concerning their personal information, we will respond to their request within a reasonable timeframe and scope.

    • Request for disclosure of their personal information.
    • Request for correction or removal of their personal information.
    • Refusal of use and provision of their personal information.
    • Complaints and consultation.

With regards to the handling of personal numbers and specific personal information in compliance with the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures, we comply with the basic policy on the correct handling of personal numbers and specific personal information.

Established March 31, 2005
Amended August 23, 2019

President & CEO Masashi Ikeda

« Contact details »

Please contact below for any enquiries regarding our handling of personal information, requests for disclosure of information and other related matters.

Address: 10F No.2 Annex. Sumitomo Fudosan Kanda Building
1-23-1 Kandasuda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041
Attention: Chief Privacy Officer
e-mail: (Subject: Enquiry concerning personal information)

« Request about handling of Personal Information »

If we receive a request from a customer for the disclosure of personal information stored in our database, the request will be handled within a reasonable timeframe and scope, after confirming that the request was submitted by the customer themselves.

■Purpose of use of personal information

The Company shall use personal information for the following purposes.

  1. (1) To contact customers, make announcements, request cooperation, negotiation, performance of duties and requests to perform duties relating to our business operations such as developing information systems and websites.
  2. (2) To operate our services, provide user support, perform duties, share necessary information and distribute email newsletters relating to our business operations such as information services.
  3. (3) To provide data and items requested via this website, and to answer enquiries.
  4. (4) To contact employees or retirees relating to employment and human resource management, social benefits, salary payments, taking measurements in compliance with labor laws and regulations, and other administrative announcements.
  5. (5) To confirm the receipt of job applications from applicants and recruiters, record their application, access applicant’s information for selection purposes, update selection processes and sharing of necessary information.
■Request for disclosure of personal information and where to file complaints.
Please contact the above.
■Handling requests for disclosure

Please contact above stating the details of your request.
We will respond to the request within 7 business days after verifying personal identification.
*We will provide the requested personal information with no charge.

« Handling of personal information received by third parties »

We may handle personal information that third parties have collected, and we strictly comply with our Privacy Policy and handle such information with accuracy and security. Enquiries to such personal information should be addressed to the above contact.

■Purpose of the use of personal information received by third parties
・Storage and management of necessary customer information in order to maintain and operate our information systems and websites.

« Accredited personal information protection organization and where to file complaints »

Listed below is the accredited personal information protection organization to which Neos belongs, and complaints can be addressed to the point of contact below.

Organization JIPDEC
PrivacyMark Promotion Center, The PrivacyMark Consumer Contact
Address Roppongi First Building, 9-9 Roppongi 1-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo, 106-0032 Japan
Phone Toll-free 0120-700-779 (only in Japan)
Please note this is not the point of contact to enquire about Neos’s products and services.
URL PrivacyMark Promotion Headquarters

« Use of Cookies »

■Purpose of using Cookies
The services Neos provides use Cookies, Javascript and other features to collect and customer’s access information. Collected information is analyzed to improve our services and enhance and customize contents and advertisements based on customer’s interest. The information we collect from these activities does not include any personally identifiable information.
■Restricting and Blocking Cookies
If a customer does not wish to use Cookies, it can be restricted or blocked by changing the web browser setting, however, this may limit the use of the functionality of some websites.
■Using services by third parties

Neos uses the services and tools listed below to collect and analyze our customer’s access information. The collected information may be provided to the providers of such services and tools to optimize content delivery based on customer’s interest.

・Google Analytics