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About the service

QHow much does it cost to use FUJIYAMA JOBS?
A Jobseekers can use our service free of charge. Please register from the link below.
QI cannot log in.
A The registration may not have been completed. After the temporary registration, you will receive an e-mail" Confirming your e-mail address”.
The registration will be completed when you access the link in the email.
If more than 1 hour has passed since the completion of the temporary registration, you will not be able to access the link.
Please register again.
QCan I apply from overseas?
A You can apply unless the application conditions specifically state otherwise.
If the application states that foreign residents are ok, then it is possible to apply.
QWhat browsers do you recommend?
A The following system requirements are recommended to use the Interview Recording smoothly.
Also, please allow JavaScript and cookies.

If any of the browsers above is not installed on your PC, you can download it free of charge.
Google Chrome (lastest version)
Mozilla Firefox (lastest version)
Safari (lastest version)
QDo I have to prepare in advance?
A When recording self promotion video and Interview, a camera and microphone must be built into the PC or smartphone.
QHow do I cancel my membership?
A First log in and then go to the link below to cancel your membership.
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About self promotion video and Interview Recording

QIt does not work properly even though a camera or microphone is connected.
A Even if a camera and microphone is connected to your computer, you may not be able to use it unless access from a your browser is permitted. You need to set up permission to access from the setting screen of each browser.
QHow can I make sure my connection is stable?
A Please use a stable network environment. It is better not to use free Wi-Fi (public wireless LAN), etc., as the connection may be interrupted or the communication speed may decrease.
QWhat should I do if the network connection is interrupted?
A You can record again from any point if interrupted. If you return to the My Jobs page (application history) and proceed to the Interview Recording, you can restart from the question that was being answered when the network was disconnected.
QCan I check the contents of the recording interview?
A After the recording interview is completed, you can play it back from the My Jobs page (application history) (application history) after data transmission. The storage period is 30 days.
QCan I start shooting again after the interview is complete?
A It is not possible to retake the interview for the recording interview.
Q72 hours have passed since I applied, can I still have a video interview?
A After 72 hours you will not be able to record an interview.
QIf you have any other problems
A - Close any open applications that use microphones or cameras, such as Skype.
- Shut down the PC once and restart it.

For Employers

QI would like media materials. (Or I want to know the publication fee.)
How can I get your service overview? Or how much is the ad rate?
A For Employers ( an inquiry form in the lower column, so please apply from there.
* Please select "Request for media materials" in the inquiry field.
Please fill out the inquiry form on the Employers page ( and choose the option "Requesting service overview".
QHow do I use the service?
A Employers ( an inquiry form in the lower column, so please apply from there.
* Please select "Application for account opening (free)" in the item of inquiry.
Please fill out the inquiry form on the Employers page( choose the option "Creating an account (free)".
QI'm new to recruiting foreigners.
A Staff who have been hiring foreigners for more than 20 years will support you. We also provide support consultation. Please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form.