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Remote work also available.


Recently positions related to information technology(IT) are increasingly more common, and demand for people with such skills is on the rise.
However, with the low birth rate and dwindling population, Japan is struggling to fill such positions. Finding enough people within Japan who have adequate IT skills is proving to be difficult, which is why many companies are starting to search for foreign talents to fill those positions.
Not only large companies, but also small and medium-sized companies are starting to getting involved in this movement.

Position Examples

  • Web/Mobile Application Development

    Salary:3 to 6 million yen / Year
    Requirements: Japanese (conversational)
    Location: Tokyo

    Web/Mobile Application DevelopmentWeb/Mobile Application Development
  • Cloud Infra engineer

    Salary: 4.5 to 7.4 million yen/ Year
    Requirements: Japanese (conversational)
    Location: Osaka

    Cloud Infra engineerCloud Infra engineer
  • Back-end Engineer Development of Mobile Ordering System

    Salary: 5 to 8 million yen / Year
    Requirements: Japanese (conversational)
    Location: Tokyo (remote work possible)

    Back-end EngineerBack-end Engineer
  • Application Development Engineer

    Salary: 3 to 6 million yen / Year
    Requirements: Japanese (conversational)
    Location: Kanagawa Prefecture

    Application Development EngineerApplication Development Engineer

Why is English education
so big in Japan?

In recent years, the reality of globalization is closer than ever with the recent influx of foreigners and more companies doing business abroad. English is now an official subject in elementary school and big changes are taking place.
Recently, the ways in which English is taught are becoming more versatile in that classes are moving online and lessons are being held in informal environments such as cafes.
Due to these changes, the demand for teachers is on the rise, but companies are having difficulty finding English instructors.

Position Examples

  • English Conversation Teacher

    Salary: 250,000 yen / Month
    Requirements: English (native)
    Location: Tokyo

    English Conversation TeacherEnglish Conversation Teacher
  • Full-Time Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs)

    Salary: 200,000-250,000 yen / Month
    Requirements: English (native)
    Location: Saitama Prefecture

    Full-Time Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) Full-Time Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs)
  • Qualified Teacher at an International School

    Salary: 320,000-600,000 yen / Month
    Requirements: English (native) Japanese (conversational)
    Location: Aichi Prefecture

    Qualified Teacher at an International SchoolQualified Teacher at an International School
  • Part-time English teacher *remote OK

    Salary: 2,000 yen / Hour
    Requirements: English (native)
    Location: Nagano Prefecture (Remote work possible)

    Part-time English teacherPart-time English teacher

Why people choose

Interview any time
and place

With our system, you don't have to worry about lost opportunities due to the timing and location of your interview.
FUJIYAMA JOBS' interview recording function allows you to record your interview in the web browser without having to install an application.
Interviewing in the environment of your choice allows for self-promotion in the most stress-free way possible.

Other useful site features

We offer features to make a work history profile, shoot self-promotion videos, manage your jobs, as well as the ability to send and receive messages.

The benefits of working
in Japan

Since 2019, the amount of foreigners working in Japan has risen to over 1.66 million people, the highest in history. Compared to 10 years ago the amount has increased three-fold.

It's predicted that in Japan by 2025 there will be a shortage of 830,000 workers. The government has announced they plan to increase the number of foreign workers by 500,000 by 2025.
That number will continue to increase in the coming years.

  • Safe and good
    living conditions

    When people think of Japan, they usually draw up images of a clean and safe country with many kind people. Popular Japanese Anime, food, and culture might also come to mind.
    Japan is also known for its efficient public transportation system as well as its excellent public service.
    Japan's health care system compared to other countries boasts high technical skills and services which many people could only hope for.

  • 給与や福利厚生が充実している

    Adequate salary and welfare system

    Japan's annual salary is ranked number 1 in Asia. It's often the case that your salary in Japan will exceed your salary in your home country.
    The Japanese government in recent years is striving to reform how people work by trying to shorten working hours, allowing people to work from home, and by allowing people to alter workday start and finish times.
    Many companies often also give new employees learning opportunities to brush up their language and technical skills by attending seminars.

  • Great reputations

    Japanese organizations are viewed positively around the world. Many of them are globalizing and moving operations abroad.
    Those who can speak Japanese and understand Japanese business culture in those countries are a major asset to the organization.
    It's common for foreigners to join Japanese companies and brush up their skills in order to make a better living.


Hiring process

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    First, register as a member with your email address.

  2. step02

    Complete your profile

    We’ll send you information about jobs related to your specific needs and interests upon completion of your profile.

  3. step03


    Apply to the job of your choice.
    Use the messenger function to talk with the company directly after receiving a message from them to answer any questions and set up a date to interview.

  4. step04


    The company you applied to will review the following information:
    ・Your profile
    ・Cover letter
    ・Self-promotion video
    ・Interview recording
    Some companies may require multiple interviews.


Q.Is there a fee for job seekers?
A.All services are completely free for job seekers.
Q.Can you help me get/find the job I'm looking for?
A.FUJIYAMA JOBS can't hire you directly, but you can find the job you want by using our site to search and apply to jobs you're interested in.
Our main role is to provide companies a platform to advertise, which means there are no coordinators between companies and users. Instead, we will use the money usually reserved for a coordinator and return it as a cash reward to those who successfully secure a job through our site.
Q.Can I apply to jobs if I'm living outside of Japan?
A.Yes, you can still apply.
Q.Is it possible to work remotely outside of Japan?
A.Yes, remote positions are available outside of Japan.
Q.I don't plan on changing jobs yet, but can I still become a member? / Can I become a member even though I'm not currently searching for a job?
A.You can sign-up at any time.
Q.What's the difference between the PR-video and the recorded interviews?
A.Your 3-minute PR-video is used to introduce yourself and to showcase your talents.
The recorded interviews are for recording your answers to the interviewer's questions. FUJIYAMA JOBS' interview recording function allows you to record your interview in the web browser without having to install an application. Interviewing in the environment of your choice allows for self-promotion in the most stress- free way possible.