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Our services

FUJIYAMA JOBS is computer or smartphone compatible service for foreigners who want to work in Japan
We provide the necessary information about working in Japan and the advantages of it.
All services are completely free for those looking for a job.


As Mount Fuji was registered as a world cultural heritage site in June 2013,
many international tourists have been visiting the site since.
Japan also has other popular places among international tourists, such as shrines and temples in Kyoto and other cities.
Recently, the Japanese pop culture of anime and manga attracts foreigners.
In order to experience life in Japan, the number of foreigners who come to study and work in Japan are increasing.
We have started FUJIYAMA JOBS and we hope we can be the best service provider where people who like Japan and love our culture can find the best job opportunities.
If you're new to Japan, or already working in Japan, we want to be your best partner
to introduce job opportunities where you can work safely and confidently.

Even though the number of foreign workers are increasing, and there are still cases
where the expectation of jobseekers and employers don't match which results in poor satisfaction from both parties.
Our contents have been created to avoid such results based on our expertise
of hiring global talents over the past 20 years.
(The contents will be added after the service pre-starts on April 2020.)

Special features

  1. Interview recording open for 24 hours 365 days

    It is sometimes difficult to arrange interviews with Japanese companies if applicants are overseas due to time differences.FUJIYAMA JOBS is pleased to announce our "Interview Recording" system where applicants can record the interview with your PC and smartphone at anytime and anywhere you are.
    Employers can choose the language for the interview questions. Recruiters can use the interview video to shortlist applicants by their performance. This can help employers to avoid mismatching.
    For the jobseekers, the recorded interviews help them to show their skills and experiences by answering the presented questions.This can avoid a job mismatch, where new employees run into the problem of doing a job they thought they wanted, but realized later it wasn't for them.

  2. Job matching and other services

    With our expertise of hiring global talents over 20 years, we plan to start a job matching service to support jobseekers to find the best opportunity based on preferences, skills and experience.
    Not only introducing job opportunities, for those who are successfully hired, we will give advice on:

    • How to work in Japan
    • How to get visa and a drivers license in Japan
    • How to find a place to live

    Please check our website regularly for our new services.
    (The contents will be added after the service pre-starts on April 2020.)

  3. Referrel recruitment

    We are preparing a reward program for our users. Users can get a reward if their friends or family members get a job through our service.

    • You will get a reward if you introduces FUJIYAMA JOBS to your friends or family members to register and they get hired through our service.
    • Your friends can get a reward as well when hired.
    • Employers can get high quality applicants and reduce their hiring costs.

    Our referrel recruitment is benefitial to employers, FUJYAMA JOBS members, and also members' friends. (This program will start in winter 2020 or afterwards)

How to apply

  1. Registration
    Register to FUJIYAMA JOBS to creat your profile to make an impressive application to employers.
  2. Applying
    Successful candidates will receive a message from the employer if you were successful.
    You can use the "Messages" page to exchange messages to arrange interviews and ask questions to them.
  3. Shortlisting
    Employers shortlist candidates after reviewing your application information as below:
    ・Cover letter / Self-promotion video
    ・Recorded interview(★Most important!)
  4. Final interview
    After the interview, successful applicants will get a job offer. You may need to attend several interviews when requested.
  5. Start working
    Please discuss details with your employer.

FUJIYAMA JOBS provides a stress free environment to both sides by offering businesses various services and opportunities to hire highly skilled foreigners as well as information to foreign talents in and outside of Japan who want to work for an excellent company.